Effective Finance & Treasury in Africa 8 March, 2018 | London, UK
Effective Finance & Treasury in Africa

If Africa is on your agenda for 2018, take a look at the Effective Finance & Treasury in Africa Programme which is now online.
Hear the latest on key topics such as trapped cash, FX challenges, regulation changes, funding, work capital systems, mobile technology, cross border payments etc..
Meet with 160+ senior level professionals from the key players operating in the region such as, Bupa Global, Cargill, Huawei, Maersk, MoneyGram, Pfizer, Samsung Total, Unilever, Vodafone and more.
Give yourself a strong start to 2018 with the knowledge and meetings you need to succeed!
• Hear how to unlock the potential of this dynamic region
• Discuss what you can do and how to do it.
• Network with treasurers and finance professionals operating in Africa facing the same challenges as you and finding ways to overcome them.
• Meet the key banks and solution providers operating in the region.

IAFEI members receive a 20% discount - use code: IAFEI/20 Download the programme and Register Now.
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Congrès Big Data Paris 12-13 March, 2018 | Paris, France
Congrès Big Data

Le Salon Big Data Paris ouvrira ses portes les 12 & 13 mars 2018 au Palais des congrès de Paris. Véritable laboratoire d'innovation et d’inspiration, le sommet attend plus de 250 leaders de l’intelligence algorithmique exposant sur le salon, mais aussi 100 experts intervenants pour 48h d’immersion dans le futur de l’entreprise data-driven ! Rejoignez plus de 15 000 professionnels sur un espace de networking et d’information inégalé en Europe.
La DFCG et l’IAFEI vous invitent sur le Salon Big Data Paris 2018 :
• Réservez dès à présent votre Pass Salon gratuit
Vos accès conférences pour le congrès Big Data Paris

L’IESF vous propose de participer aux conférences stratégiques & retours d’expérience du congrès Big Data Paris 2018, les 12 & 13 mars prochains. Inspirez-vous de plus de 100 Top speakers emblématiques de la scène Big Data Internationale et découvrez plus de 20 retours d’expérience propres à la mise en œuvre de projets big data au sein d’entreprises de tous secteurs d’activité.

Profitez de 30% de réduction sur votre accès FULL PASS conférences avec la DFCG et l’IAFEI : code BDP18-DFCG

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Congrès Big Data Paris 15-16 March, 2018 | Prague Czech Republic
Robotics and Analytics in Finance Summit

"Robotics and Analytics in Finance Summit" is a B2B event, scheduled for March 15th - 16th, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. It will bring together experts from all levels of the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange; elaborate on the best strategies within the finance industry, hear and learn about their experiences on latest trends on RPA, AI and Blockchain development, to network and enjoy an excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, speed networking and workshops. Outlining the event, there are: 12 + speaker - companies such as Accenture, Quantexa, ISG, Nordea, Zurich, Datasine, NICE ltd, Digitalist and others; 14 + Case studies; 2 Panel Discussion; Networking Dinner. Full list of the Speakers, Case Studies, and 2-day Event Program is available in the Official Agenda that can be sent upon your request by email

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Shared Services Centers(SSC) 22-23 March, 2018 | Barcelona, Spain
Shared Services Centers (SSC)

People who attend SSC will benefit from learning the following:

• Integrating digitization in SSC to increase competitiveness
• Human VS Robotics
• Difference between small & large Shared Services management
• The Evolution of SS towards centers of excellence
• The impact of blockchain on FSSC

In addition, In conference Workshop about Tax compliance & jurisdictions in the SSC, a Master class about Data analytics in the FSSC.

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Shared Services Centers(SSC) 22-23 March, 2018 | Barcelona, Spain
Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

You will learn:
• Dynamic discounting vs supply chain finance
• Boosting growth through Financial Supply Chain (FSC)Management
• Optimizing Working Capital throughout the Financial Supply Chain
• Electronic invoices presentment & payments
• Treasury management system and forecasting tools
• The effect of blockchain on the financial supply chain

Plus, full access to all of the presentations, discussions and round table
• All refreshments and lunches
• Online access to download the strategic information (that you can use later internally)
• Membership to the Axiom Groupe on-line business network (articles, research, white papers, webinars, online courses)

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European Shared Services Conference 28 March, 2018 | Moscow, Russia
Russia Trade & Export Finance Conference 2018

GTR’s Russia Trade & Export Finance Conference returns to Moscow on March 28, leading the discussion on Russian trade and export priorities for over a decade, gathering 200 international delegates from the trade and export finance industry for a day of networking and debate.
Discussions will take stock of recent global developments and their impact, with a focus on regional trade development and policy updates, innovative fintech solutions, infrastructure finance and investment opportunities in key energy sectors and markets, and exclusive case studies on working capital optimisation and financing strategies for the Russian market. As a supporting partner of this event, the IAFEI secured free passes for its corporate members* as well as a 15% discount for its members, available when booking online with code IAFEI15.

Key topics include:
• Economic outlook and trade forecast for Russia
• Analysing the uncertainties surrounding US sanctions, their implementation and impact on Russia’s business environment
• Russia – China trade relationship and cross-border trade and investment opportunities
• Infrastructure development and investment options across key sectors including transport, power and utility
• Role of ECA is supporting Russia exports, energy projects and improving the country’s credit rating under OECD
• Export finance strategies and managing the liquidity situation
• Identifying new markets for Russian investors and what support can the banking sector offer?
• Supply chain finance and working capital solutions for the new age corporate
• Future of Cryptocurrencies in Russia and what are the regulatory challenges involved?
• What does the future hold for Russia’s trade and finance sector – 2019 and beyond!

Want your members to be able to attend & participate in the discussion? Partnership opportunities are also still open for associations.

*free corporate passes are exclusively for importers, exporters, traders, manufacturers and producers of physical goods

For further information about the event programme, free passes or partnership opportunities, please contact Judith at

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Intelligent Automation Nordics RPA & AI Summit 17-18 April, 2018 | Baku, Azerbaijan
International Digital Banking and Security Conference

International Digital Banking and Security Conference will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 17-18th of April 2018 with the collaboration with some Authorized Bodies of CIS region. Besides major and central banks of CIS and some European countries, Sberbank, Deniz Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Kaspersky, VISA, Microsoft, UnionPay, PayPal and many others will attend the conference. The conference is part of the work to be done to improve the regulatory mechanism for accelerating digital transformation of banks, based on the Action Plan of the Strategic Road Map on the development of financial services in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Intelligent Automation Nordics RPA & AI Summit 23-25 April, 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Intelligent Automation Nordics RPA & AI Summit

Join the Nordic Intelligent Automation Community Revolutionising Business Processes. Across the Nordics, organisations are ramping up robotic process automation, and looking to leverage it beyond the breakeven point, creating tangible returns. But with this new technology comes a complex set of questions and no guidebook for success. At Intelligent Automation Nordics you will arm yourself with this knowledge to achieve greater productivity, quality, customer experience and cost savings for the business.

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7th Business Performance Management 23-25 May, 2018 | Berlin, Germany
7th Business Performance Management

By attending our flagship event on Business Performance Management you will be able to discuss the role of controlling in a strategic context, and have a frank discussion on the interlink between business planning, strategy & financial performance management.
We will discuss performance management form the point of view of market and business considerations, but we will also further the discussion by looking at how to innovate in the area of financial controlling and what the finance function of the future will look like in the context of digital transformation. Moving beyond KPIs, scorecards, and technologies, we offer you an opportunity to learn from practical case studies and share your ideas with your peers.

*Delegate Discounts available for IAFEI members. Please note that this does not apply for solution providers/vendors/consultants.

For more information regarding this conference, please contact Yiota Andreou, or visit the event website:

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African Diasporas Forum 22 June, 2018 | Paris, Palais des Congrès
African Diasporas Forum

Sous le haut patronage d’ Emmanuel Macron, Président de la République.
Le Forum des diasporas africaines aura lieu vendredi 6 avril au Palais des congrès de Paris.
Création de valeurs, création de réseau, apport de solutions concrètes, développement de projets innovants et inclusifs : ce Forum cible à la fois les membres de toutes les diasporas africaines mais également toutes les personnes ayant la volonté d’entreprendre ou de construire un projet professionnel en Afrique, en particulier la jeunesse française et européenne. La journée sera articulée autour de quatre conférences thématiques, d’une conférence de synthèse et d’une plénière lors de laquelle s’exprimeront des personnalités de haut niveau, françaises, européennes et africaines.
En parallèle des conférences, des espaces de seront plus spécifiquement consacrés au recrutement, au financement de projets et à la création d’entreprises rencontres (PME/PMI). Des animations ponctueront également la journée.

Pour plus d’information DFCG / IAFEI : / +33 6 09 84 39 69

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For more details about events in Europe & Africa, contact Armand Angeli at email address: or telephone no.: +33 (0)6 0984 39 69. For events in Asia, contact Hiroaki Endo at email address: or telephone no.: +81-3-6758-3851